Upcoming Events

2017 P.L.S.W. Fall Technical Session

This year’s Fall Tech Session will take place at the Parkway Plaza November 2-3, 2017.  Every year we get requests from Fall Tech Attendees to provide a program about Wyoming Water Rights.  Jim Jones, from Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc., is our resident water rights expert and works extensively with the State Engineer’s Office.  This year Jim has lined up a very knowledgeable and interesting panel of experts to discuss the many aspects of Wyoming Water Rights.

Speakers will include:

Harriet Hageman:    Harriet is a water and natural resources attorney in Cheyenne.  Ms. Hageman’s presentation will include an overview of Wyoming water law and history, including information about the State’s statutory and regulatory framework, the State Engineer’s Office, the Board of Control, permitting, water usage, property rights, changes, and abandonment.  She will also describe her experience in working with professional land surveyors in the litigation context, addressing cases related to easements for irrigation infrastructure, the use of cadastral surveys to establish the topographic and hydrologic history of an area, and surveys to determine the capacity of a reservoir. (Thursday 8:00 – Noon)

Chris Brown:  Chris is a Senior Assistant Attorney General with the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, and supervisor of the Office’s Water Section.  Chris’s presentation will focus on current issues related to Wyoming’s rights and interests in the Colorado River and the Yellowstone River Basins.  (Thursday 1:00 – 5:00)

Sheri Culver & Leah Bratton:    Sheri has worked for the State Engineer’s Office for over 20 years in the Ground Water Division.  In April of 2017 she became the Executive Director of the State Board of Examining Water Well Drilling Contractors & Water Well Pump Installation Contractors.  She has been a representative for
the State Engineer at several public presentations throughout Wyoming about water rights.

Leah is a 32-year State Engineer’s Office employee, who has worked in the State Board of Control and Surface Water Divisions.  She has been involved with the taking of and finalizing proofs to adjudication status, petitions to both the State Board of Control and the State Engineer, and applications for new surface water right processes. As a veteran of the “paper record” era, she has a keen knowledge of the existing records of the State Engineer’s Office, the Public Land Survey System, and surface water rights. (Friday 8:00 – Noon)