Upcoming Events

2020 P.L.S.W. Fall Technical Session

November 5th and 6th, 2020   *   Ramkota Hotel, Casper, Wyoming

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For in-person attendees: Our presenter, Joseph Paiva, will present live from a studio at his business in Kansas City. When questions from the audience arise, they will be directed to a moderator at the podium, in Casper, who will relay them to Joe.

For virtual attendees: You will register in a two step secure process to attend the event virtually on the Zoom webinar interface. If you have questions, you will write them at any time in your Q&A. The moderator in Casper will then relay them to Joe. You will need a computer connected to the Internet with a minimum speed of about 10. Also there will be random questions to be answered on screen along with connection time monitored to ensure you are actively engaged.

Registration, questions, etc.: Register as you always do with PLSW. The fee is the same whether in-person or virtual. Contact us with questions as well. We’ll also keep tabs on the schedule and registration, and send notification to the virtual attendees about a demo/training webinar for those who are uncertain about their ability to use the technology. We will keep the information coming, if you have questions please email:

Sami at sami@cepi-casper.com

or Bill at billf@cepi-casper.com

****There is not a box to indicate on the mail-in registration if you would like to do In-Person or Virtual. So please write it on the email line so we know how to get you the appropriate information.